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Pens/Caps winter classic jerseys


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Can anyone help me with this question. I want to buy an edge of one of the winter classics from this year and a replica of the other team. Thinking about a Pens edge and a Caps replica. Since i live 15 minutes from Philly when all the stores sold the flyers WC replicas they were made of a much thicker nicer material. Are the winter classic replicas from this year the same way? Are they a different material then normal rbk premiers?

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The Caps replicas are made of air-knit. The Pens authentics are made of real penguin skin and the replicas are made from the skin of baby seals that were clubbed to death.

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so the replicas are made of a different material? I think im just gonna go ahead and get one

I guess none of the guys who posted above were smart enough to go to the source, IJ, to find the answer to your question :lol: :


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