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Question about Nike sizing

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I'm wondering if anyone with personal experience knows the sizing of a late 90s Nike 52 authentic in comparison to a CCM 550 XXL or a RBK Premier XXL.

Personally the Premier fits perfectly for me (the material and quality is another story...). The 550 fits well but the sleeves seem an inch or so short.

I know with the current EDGE jersies, an XXL is 56-60, but the older jersies were less tight.

Anyway, any help is appreciated. Basically I wanna know if I can pull it off. I couldn't find much info on the Nikes.

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I agree Nikes run big; not sure if I'd go so far as to say they're a whole size larger, but they're slightly larger than CCM authentics from the same era. Mostly in width.

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I have two size 52 Nike Flyers authentics. They both measure roughly 27 and a 1/2 to 27 and 3/4 around the chest area. So I would say they are equivalent to an older CCM/Maska size 54. An Edge cut size 56 would be a tad smaller than the Nike 52. They are great jerseys. The 52 is a bit tight on me and the 56 is too big. I have a game worn Nike size 54 and I think that one would be the closest to an XXL.

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Figure I'd throw in some comparison shots

top is a CCM ultrafil 48 while bottom is Nike air-knit 48. You can see how the Nike is slightly wider in the torso and arms


top is CCM air-knit 52 while bottom is Nike air-knit 52. Same as above.


and it's not a full size difference. here is a CCM ultrafil 52 compared to a Nike air-knit 48.


it's worth noting that sleeve length is the exact same in both sizes as the CCM counterpart. Shame they weren't a little bit longer; I prefer the way 48's fit, but like the sleeve length of 52's.

hope that helps!

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Wow not what I was expecting, I've never honestly put them up side by side but I swear the Nikes just feel roomier than the ultrafils, but they aren't that much roomier I guess.

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