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I'm sorry to say that I had no choice but to ban LeafsFan83 from the BB tonight due to the fact that he abused his moderator rank by modifying two of our thread Subject Titles in an inappropriate manner - one of which was quite derogatory (thanks for the heads up Finny). I really have no clue what could have motivated him to perform this action just out of the blue, after not posting for almost a month. Maybe it is possible that he was upset at not being chosen as a contest winner, which is a shame, because he had made some major contributions at the beginning that were appreciated by everyone, though he kind of went awol recently, which ended up hurting his chances. Anyhow, if that was his only motivation for being involved in the community, then it's really too bad, because we are trying to support those who are here simply for the love of talking hockey and jerseys. I know that our two winners Mach and lafountain are here for the right reasons, and are deserving winners. From what I remember reading, LeafsFan83 had aluded to the fact that he couldn't afford to buy jerseys or go to games really, so I feel quite bad that I had to ban him, as I'm sure if he continued to contribute the way he had, we would have considering helping him to get a jersey in one way or another.

So, as a result, we are now down to only one Referee (Mach), and two admins (villa and myself). Considering that I have a hard time keeping up with things, especially at this time of year, we are really kind of undermanned in the moderation department. So, I am once again appealing to those of you who have been active contributors to the community who would be interested in being a moderator. I know I had graciously declined a couple of offers a while back, as I thought we were okay at the time, but now we can use more help, so feel free to pm me if you are interested. Also, if you have any experience moderating in the past, that is a bonus.

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I must have missed whatever happened with LeafsFan (want to PM me Wolf?) but I have to take this opportunity to apologize for not being more active so far this month. It's been an incredibly busy time for me and I try to get on when I can, make sure there hasn't been any spam and contribute when I get a chance. I'll be breathing freely after going on a nice vacation after Christmas and coming back January 5th, so you can expect to see a pick up in my chattiness then. I'm surprised to hear anything bad about LeafsFan and it is a shame that it happened.

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It is a shame that something like this has happened. Leafsfan showed the ability to be a very solid contributer to the board. Glad it was caught though and order (in a sense) has been restored.

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