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  1. We are sorry to announce that the SportBuffZone forum will be closing on July 31, 2021. We had announced that we were looking for an interested party who would like to purchase the forum and take it over, however were unsuccessful in finding an appropriate candidate. As a result, we have decided to shut down this forum on July 31st, as it is not in alignment with the business direction of the corporate sponsor, SportBuff. We thank everyone who has ever contributed to this dynamic community over the past 14 years since its inception in 2007.
  2. We are looking for any interested parties who would like the opportunity to purchase this community forum and take it over. The forum has been online since 2007 and has over 20,000 total members. At this point we are looking to gauge the level of interest, so please PM me if you would potentially be interested. Thank you!
  3. Our Cyber Monday Sale is on now with $25 OFF all adidas NHL jerseys as well as 20% OFF pretty much everything else available on site.
  4. We are happy to announce that the former IJ Forums have found a new home as the official forum of SportBuff (www.sportbuffshop.com), an exciting new online store offering a wide and growing array of cool licensed sports and branded lifestyle apparel. Nothing has changed in terms of the forum other than the fresh new name and location as well as some slight pruning of older unused topics. You will notice all of your old friends and historical threads remain, and we are confident you will continue to enjoy the familiar community in it's new destination! We also hope you will help support
  5. Thanks for the support - this forum isn't my day job, but i'm doing my best! You may have noticed we went down again for a few minutes just now. This is likely due to the excessive load today with the upgrade, but we are still doing our best to get things fixed up. Once again, thanks for hanging in there!-CW
  6. We have implemented an upgrade which should solve many of the issues we have encountered lately. Things may be a bit funky as we get things up to speed, and we are trying to restore whatever we can from old data - but not sure we will get everything. Thanks for your patience!
  7. For the record, I believe this jersey was done very early on. At that time we had been misinformed about customization details. We have been customizing all Flyers jerseys correctly for a long time now, so you can be confident that a Giroux, or any other jersey for that matter will be done correctly, and as always, we stand behind our product with our 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.
  8. Most people will enter all caps or all lowercase in the form, and it doesn't really matter. People also will use mixed case if they want us to be aware of a name that uses a lowercase letter in it (like McWHATEVER). It isn't really necessary to indicate the mixed case for the majority of known NHL players, as we are aware of most. It would only be helpful to us if it is a personal name or perhaps an obscure NHLer. In those instances it is a good idea to give us some guidance (you can also make a note in the special instructions at checkout).
  9. To answer your question, we will catch 99% of the mispellings that come in on NHL players. In that case, we usually make the correction (if it is an obvious mistake, like requesting no 8 and 'OVECKIN' on a caps jersey). If it something a bit less obvious, like no 94 and SMITH on a Kings jersey (which would likely be Ryan Smyth, but could also be for anyone with a last name of Smith), we would probably contact the customer to verify.
  10. I forgot to let you all know that our popular IJ Playoff Tracker and Signature Maker tools are back again and updated for the 2010 playoffs (in case you weren't already aware). IJ Playoff Tracker: Keep track of the results for all the playoff games from the 1st round through the Stanley Cup Finals. Grab the code and add it to your blog or website! Click for IJ Playoff Tracker IJ Signature Maker: Create a cool forum signature for the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs (like mine below). Pick your favorite team/players & jerseys, and let the community know who you hope to ride to the cup! Cli
  11. You can send or bring your jersey to our Montreal headquarters, which also houses our local customization facility. Address and Map If you want to send in your jersey, you can download the form here: Customization Services
  12. I couldn't agree more. Which is why sometimes it is very hard to remain calm when a customer obsesses about minute details of their customization job. Most of what is worn on the ice is inconsistent and imperfect. Do you think equipment managers - or even players for that matter have the time, patience or motivation to analyze every detail of every jersey that hits the ice? Not a chance! Short of a misspelling they couldn't care less. Maybe something to keep in mind when evaluating the customization job on future jersey purchases.
  13. I really can't divulge any information - as we cherish our solid relationship with Reebok. I can give a bit of a teaser though: The proposed Penguins third is quite a radical design. I have a feeling it will generate strong opinions in either a "love it / hate it" position.
  14. I was referring to the rumored changes
  15. Some of this is fairly accurate, while some is way off.
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