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Taro Tsujimoto Sabres jersey


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We've got quite a few Sabres fans here as well as some others who probably know the history of Taro Tsujimoto. I'll admit I'm a bit embarrassed to just now hear about this, but I think it's hilarious:

In the mid-70s, the World Hockey Association was putting up some competition for the NHL's players. To avoid the WHA's watchful eyes, the NHL held the 1974 draft in secret, with each team waiting in their own offices for then-President Clarence Campbell to call with the draft rundown. Pick a player, then wait an hour for Campbell to telephone, name and spell each and every draft pick taken in the last round, and wait for your team's pick. It was tedious, and Imlach, John Anderson of the Sabres scouting staff, and Wieland grew weary of the procedure quickly. After Derek Smith was drafted in the tenth round, Wieland suggested that it would be funny if Campbell had to spell a long, difficult foreign name to each and every other team in the next round. Taro Tsujimoto was born.

Like I said, I can't believe I had never heard of this before - but now I've decided I *must* make a Taro Tsujimoto Sabres jersey. I'll probably grab a blue or white CCM 550 old style Sabres (might feel bad using an authentic for an imaginary player). The thing is, what number should I use? I've read that there are already a number of Tsujimoto jerseys at Sabres games and I was wondering if anyone knew if there was any prevailing wisdom on what number he might have been. Either that I might just go with "74" since that was the year he was drafted.

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I think 74 is the way to go. Puck Daddy is having a contest and someone sent in a a Taro card:


I think its a great idea!

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I have seen a couple of these jerseys. Seen one with 74, and seen one with 11 (11th round pick) the only issue with that is Gilbert Perreault was 11 and his number is retired, though at the time it wasn't retired.

I would suggest 74 since he was drafted that year.

74 has only been worn by 1 Sabre which was Jay McKee in his time in Buffalo.

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00 is always a good number for fun. Plus, you can always turn it into a Biron later on.

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