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All-Star Break


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So we have reached the All-Star break in the 2008/2009 NHL Season. What teams or players really surprised you this year, what teams or players were major disappointments so far?

What are your mid-season predictions for what is going to happen the in the 2nd half?

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I'd have to say that Jeff Carter really surprised me. He definitely put up good numbers last season. I just never would've guessed that he'd be only two points shy of tying those numbers before the All-star break (I think he played all 82 last year too)!!! New Jersey's success without Brodeur is also a little surprising. I know a lot of people (sports analysts even) who counted them out as soon as Marty went down. They're looking good though.

As far as predictions go, I'm going to say Pittsburgh and Florida will sneak into the playoffs (7th and 8th seed respectively), and I think it's about time that Columbus had it's first taste of the post season in the West. And, oh yes...I can definitely see Washington winning at least one playoff series (their first since 1998)!!!! :rolleyes:

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I'm disappointed that the Wild aren't a much better team.

I'm surprised they are doing as well as they are without Gaborik, Rolston and Demitra.

I guess that leaves me indifferent, which seems pretty accurate to how I feel about them this year.

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I can't believe the Oilers and the Kings have tanked as much as they have the first 1/2 of the season. I thought for sure it would be breakout years for both squads. I am also frustrated by the "win 2 lose 2" mentality of the Sabs, I thought they would be better than average instead of just.

And the Blackhawks, after a middling start, wow are they exciting to watch. A true young core, better days and a better second half record are ahead for them methinks.

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