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Wayne Gretzky the Coach


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I was sitting here thinking about random things and started to think about Wayne Gretzky as a coach being given more of a chance than he would if he wasn't "The Great One".

In his 3 full seasons his coaching record is 107-122-17. While not the worst he has coached his team to 2 5th place finishes and 1 4th place finish in a 5 team division.

If he wasn't Wayne Gretzky wouldn't he have likely been fired by now? I am not saying he should be fired, but I just assume that if he was anyone else, he wouldn't have been able to start his 4th year as the coach. I do admit thought that he hasn't been dealt the greatest hand to deal with and he has done his best to make it work.

I am curious what the rest of you think (Especially our resident Yotes fans).

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I've been able to see my fair share of Coyotes games the last three seasons and I'll admit, the first two seasons (05-06 and 06-07) I wasn't so sure he was the guy. The team seemed like they lacked any kind of chemistry with each other. Some players you could tell were on their last legs. Though I thought CuJo played admirably during his time there. When they finally decided to start focusing on the youth movement around the trade deadline in 2007, I had more hope for Wayne. I was pretty impressed with his job last season, I was pleasantly surprised at how well they looked when I saw them play. I think they are on the brink of the playoffs. If they don't make it this year, I think they'll be within a few points of the last playoff spot. Next year I'd be surprised if Wayne doesn't get them there. Personally, I think the team didn't have a direction his first two seasons and that hurt him.

Now if the coach hadn't been Wayne, I don't believe the coach would've been retained for the 07-08 season after the way the previous seasons had went.

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He is the current part-owner, head of hockey operations and head coach of the Phoenix Coyotes. He will have to resign as coach if he feels that coaching is the problem with the Coyotes. He will not be fired. He should take some tips from Mario Lemieux. Leave coaching to someone else.

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If he wasn't 99 he wouldn't be in there. We have seen coaches like Melrose fired for less. I think Gretz has lucked out not just because of his own stake in the team but because there is a young core of players that can actually push that team to the next level so I guess at this point I am taking a "wait and see" approach with him. If he can't get it done over the next year or so, he really should step down.

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