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Can IJ Customize This?


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Can't answer about cost as I don't know if they charge less for numbers only, but I do know that they can do it. If you are worried about how the lettering will come out, you can always supply pictures and they can go off of that. Though for older ones, I would include pictures if possible.

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does anyone have a good picture of what the 70-71 jerseys looked like. i'm not finding any good ones online. i'll have to ask my dad if he has anything good in his basement.

First, I'd go to nhluniforms.com and see if that would be of any help to you.

Second, perhaps some 71-72 hockey cards might be of help.

Try a library or used book store. Library's generally have some pretty old books still on hand.

When I'm stumped for photos, I then try youtube to see if there's any video. You can always pause it and try a screen capture. Not the greatest quality, but I've resorted to that method more than once.

Be creative in your online searches. Get a roster and search for photos of star players names from back then and not just "Sabres".

For anything vintage, I always go to http://www.dropthepucks.com/sotg/index.html and see what they have.

Try some of these... Perhaps not as old, but at least looks like a similar style with the tie neck.






Of course, all this information is predicated on the fact that you are going to make this into a #11 Gilbert Perreault jersey. If not, forget everything you just read. :ninja:

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I was thinking of doing perreault or martin. thanks for the info.

Martin was not on the Sabres in 70-71 yet, so just make sure that style was used in the years following since he joined the Sabres in 71-72.

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Just picked up this


and I was wondering if it can be done to look like a full authentic 70-71 jersey. No name on the back just numbers on the sleeves and back.

this stye is what I'm looking for.


If so what would be the approximate cost?

Yes, we can do it, no problem. As a rule, supplying pictures is always a good idea when dealing with older or unusual jerseys - just to insure you get it the way you expected, as often there are different eras and interpretations on similar jerseys. As far as cost, I think number only customization is around $50 or so (depending on how many colors), but check with customer service to verify first.

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