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Fake Crosby with Meigray tag Winter Classic jersey


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Ok so I was doing some searching for a Winter Classic jersey and stumbled upon this .Maybe Barry can chime in on this a seller on ebay is selling this jersey actually 3 and he only posted photos of the front of the jersey.So I sent him a message asking for more photos of the back etc etc.So I am figuring fake and then I see the Meigray tag on the inside of the jersey for the 07-08 hockey season..I thought Barry could chime in on this I am guessing a fake tag is that possible?? Anyway here is the photos and the sellers name is kodytexan1807 and he has 18 positives...







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Practically every Winter Classic Jersey on ebay is fake. It's not just that particular seller your talking about.


Notice how the tie/string/shoe lace (whatever it is) is white. The NHL sold the jerseys with blue string, not white. There also is a Reebok logo missing from the right arm, the actual jerseys were sold with a Reebok logo located on the right arm.


Notice how the jersey says “MeiGrayGroop”, it’s spelled WRONG…lol. It should be spelled MeiGrayGroup. Then you may notice that it says Game Worn Jersey. There was only 1-ONE Winter Classic game. Almost all the jerseys on eBay have this tag which says Game Worn Jersey, which isn’t plausible. There are hundreds of jerseys on eBay that have this tag saying it's Game Worn Jersey, and it isn't possible because they’ve only played in these jerseys once. All of the jerseys I’ve seen on eBay are numbered with E05768 which is even more proof that they are fakes. This picture also shows a fight strap. The NHL ONLY sold replicas of the Winter Classic Jerseys. They never sold the jerseys with the fight strap.


Notice the beige color of the penguins logo. It should be mustard yellow, as shown in the REAL Winter Classic Jersey shown above.

If you do a search on eBay for a Penguins Winter Classic Jersey or the New Reebok Edge Jersey you’ll notice that more than 95% of the jerseys are fake.

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Hey everyone, noob to these forums. Turns out that I have the original authentic Nasreddine jersey that all the fake Meigray tags were copied from. I posted it on a FB page and someone told me the origin of the story and that all the fake tags had the same number that came back to a Pens' Winter Classic GI Nasreddine jersey. Strange to say the least. I'd love to know when, where and who got the number to use for the fake tags.



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I was one of the ones commenting on your Facebook post. They just picked a random number to put on the Meigray "Groop" patch when the knockoffs were first released, and the number that they chose at random was on one of the Nasreddine jerseys. Yours is completely legit.

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