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1977 Pittsburgh Penguins Repica in need of name and number


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I recently bought one of these: http://cgi.ebay.com/Pittsburgh-Penguins-Vi...1QQcmdZViewItem

Since I wasn't even born in 1977, I was wondering if the older members here could give me some suggestions as to who to have this customized for. I am only keeping my Penguins and Rangers jerseys after thinning my entire collection sometime soon, so I would like to have one of the more memorable players from this era on this one. Pictures would also be appreciated. Thanks to all for your suggestions! :D

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If you're going for 1977, then there were no nameplates yet. As far as the font, here you go. It shouldn't be too hard to copy. HOWEVER, that jersey doesn't look like the one from 1977, rather the one from 1978. The striping is giving it away. Those had nameplates too.

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Jean Pronovost was the Captain in the 77/78 season and he was anually one of the Penguins top scorers. He wore #19 while with the Penguins.

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