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2008 NHL Draft Day


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Well it is draft day which means usually some decent trades.

The Flames and Habs got off to a big starts.

To Calgary: Mike Cammalleri

To Los Angeles: Anaheim 1st Rounder (12th overall)

To Anaheim: Kings 1st Rounder and Flames 1st Rounder (17th and 28th overall)

To Montreal: Alex Tanguay

To Calgary: Montreal 1st Rounder (25th overall)

In another deal Phoenix and Florida made a deal.

To Phoenix: Olli Jokinen

To Florida: Keith Ballard, Nick Boynton, 2nd round pick (49th overall)

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The Flyers traded the rights for Prospal to the Lightning for a couple picks, and they traded Umberger and a pick to the Blue Jackets for a couple picks as well.

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You've got to love the Wild's Doug R. giving up a 3rd round pick to move up one whole spot in the draft.

What a doofus. :noway:

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Unfortunately I was traveling both days and when I read the various recaps I was scratching my head. Fla trading for 2 dmen when they already have a bunch? Although the Sabs did get a giant dman so that's good. Can't wait for July 1.

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Add Chris Mason to the Note with Jamal Mayers going to the Maple Leafs. I particularly like the Mason deal for the Blues. As talented as Ray Emery is, I was fearful of him going to St. Louis with all the issues he's had the last season. Hopefully he can get a fresh start with a new team and thrive.

I was shocked that the Yotes got Jokinen and traded Ballard. My hope is that Olli thrives down here and enjoys it with the way the Coyotes are up and coming. Me personally, I think that deal with put them into the playoffs. I am curious to see what they are going to do with their defense situation now that Ballard's gone. Florida's gotten themselves a helluva d-man with him and I was also a fan of Boynton.

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