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Training Camp Tag Removal - Patrick Marleau Project

Evil Pirate Zamboni

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Hi all,

Does anyone know if this training camp tagging will come off easily with a little bit of acetone?  I want to turn this jersey into a Patrick Marleau 1768 games played game style jersey, but I don't want to damage it.  I was able to get this training camp jersey for about half price.  I can probably live with the tag as it is on the inside behind the nameplate, but I was just wondering if some acetone will knock it out quickly.

Any help is appreciated.



Training Camp Tag


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Yes, that is most definitely the purpose of tag, but I am not looking to flip the jersey or deceive anyone or anything like that.  This would be for my own personal collection.  Since you can't get MIC retail jerseys anymore, the only way it seems to get the player you want is to buy a cheaper journeyman's jersey, strip it and, and recustomize it.

I would hope someone looking for Patrick Marleau's game worn jersey from his record breaking game would have the wherewithal to properly research the item and not take some sellers word for it or even some LOA's word.  The game worn jerseys from that game have a special tag on the inside of the jersey that would be very hard to replicate.  It looks the same as the patch they wore on the front of the jersey, but it is likely the same kind of heat pressed material that is seen here on this training camp only tag.

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