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  1. Looks like it’s sublimated, if that’s the case you are SOL 😞. Unless you cover it up you are not removing it.
  2. Looking for Blues home, away, and third MIC Adidas nameplates. I also need the crap Adidas “authentic” material for the Blues reverse retro, regular retro and the graphite 2020 All-Star game jersey.
  3. I'm looking for some help on an Adidas Rangers practice jersey. I need to letter one up for a customer and I am looking for the size of name and numbers. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  4. It's a Nike one if that matters.
  5. I don't do much if any at all lettering for basketball, but I have a Dallas Mavericks jersey from 01-10 (the navy one with DALLAS across the front) and was wondering if anyone could give me an idea on front and back number size as well as name size. Maybe even a general idea would be great.
  6. Does anyone know how the Nike sizes match up to majestic. I believe they used the same template as majestic for last year and this year they will have their own?
  7. No problem I deal with vinyl and screen print all day.
  8. Looking for: Blues 00-04 Koho Blue size 52. preferably blank Blues 87-89 small block white and blue in any of the sizes 48, 52, 54. preferably blank Blues 89-94 white and blue in any of the sizes 48, 52, 54. preferably blank Long Shots Blues 85-87 white or blue doesn't matter what size Blues 84-85 white or blue doesn't matter what size
  9. Looking for this years “graphite” All-Star indo authentic nameplate
  10. Nevermind now it’s working.
  11. I can only get on going from emailed response to forum. Can’t get on straight from internet
  12. zilch

    blues 03-04 vintage

    While your at it could you possible measure the height of the letters for the name?
  13. zilch

    blues 03-04 vintage

    That would be awesome. Thanks.
  14. zilch

    blues 03-04 vintage

    Does anyone know on the white Blues "vintage" jersey was the lettering one layer of air force blue with the gold middle layer screened then stitched over, or did they actually have 2 layers of air force blue with the gold screened on the top layer? That would just seem stupid if they did that. I can't find any close enough pictures to tell.
  15. Looking for Blues Starter nameplate from 97 ish (forgot the name of the material) not the mesh. I’m looking for 2 white and 1 royal.
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