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Peter Forsberg


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Was watching the Thrashers/Canucks game and during the 1st intermission they were talking about the fact that Peter Forsberg has reportedly narrowed his list of teams to come back to down to 4. The teams mentioned were Ottawa, Philadelphia, Colorado, and Vancouver. Of the teams listed I would like to see him back in Colorado. They also mentioned that he is looking for a contract that would have him on the team the remainder of this season as well as next season.

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I'm happy to see that the Rangers aren't on that list. They need scoring but not Petr 'the man of glass' Forsberg.

If he is healthy he is very dangerous but that is a big IF.

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Au contraire, today, Foppa signed with the Avs for the rest of the season. If they can set him into a time machine and set it back a dozen years or so...

Oh great. The return of Floppa. Yea. <_<

It's going to be a fun two games before he's out for the season with an injury.

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As an Avalanche fan, I'm thrilled to see him back. Unfortunately, whether or not its a good thing is still up in the air. They brought back Adam Foote too, which I really like. I still stand by both players should never have been allowed to leave, but they didn't really have a choice. Supposedly there was a rumor that they were looking at Rob Blake, since Colorado was the only team I guess he was willing to waive his no trade clause to go there. It was almost back to the past for this Avs fan. Great to see the names return.

I went to the Coyotes-Avs game at Jobing.com Arena last Friday and thought that overall it was a sloppy game. Smyth still looked rusty, but I expected that. I was ready to run Arnason out of town. Stastny was a welcome return.

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