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Starter Reversible replicas


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Does anyone else have any of the Starter reversible jerseys? I have a Coyotes one that I almost forgot that I have. The only other team that I ever saw in this style was Pittsburgh. The white side is a basic Starter replica with embroidered logos.


The reverse side, road/dark, has painted rubberized logos.



The jersey has a reversible collar.


I never even tried on this jersey, as it is very heavy, it's two jerseys sewn together.

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Wow...I've never even heard of those actually. I would imagine they'd have been pretty pricey though; being two jerseys in one. It's probably quite the collectors item now.

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I can tell you that the original retail price of this, at that time 1997-8, was $100. I bought this at a local sporting goods store and paid a lot less than that.

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That would be an interesting customization dilemma now, wouldn't it?

Any letters sewn on one side are going to deface the other side, unless you went with #88 on both I guess.

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