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Looking for specific jersey lettering (2006 olympics, Team Russia)


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Hey guys, I have a Team Russia 2006 Olympic jersey and I am having a lot of trouble tracking down the exact lettering that was used in the olympics.

I mailed icejerseys about this topic and they said that the lettering would look great, which i have no doubts of, but I would really prefer to have the exact lettering that was used by Team Russia in the olympics.

my only problem is finding it.

If anyone can help me with this it would be much appreciated.



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i am not certain what the Font name is called but IJ only uses team specific fonts for their jerseys.

If you have the customization done by IJ they will ensure that the font is accurate.


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my top 10 Russian Jersey Picks:

20 Khabibulin or ( old school!) Tretiak

17 Kovalchuk

71 Malkin

8 Ovechkin

10 Bure ( not only old school but a tribute to the national team GM..sure h'd still be in the show if his knees werent shot)

91 Federov

27 Kovalev

61 Afingenov

79 Markov

30 Bryzgalov

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Personally, for the Swift jersey I'd go with #8 Ovechkin or #71 Kovalchuk but you could make a case for Datsyuk or Nabokov depending on your NHL allegiances.

If you want to be really obscure and different, Shushinsky was #33 I think and one of the better players in the world at the time not in the NHL.

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I've been looking for a Pavel Datsyuk jersey like this for bout a year now, and have had the same trouble, no one can guarantee that the lettering will match exactly. Please post if you end up finding somewhere to do it, or if you order from IJ and they deliver what you're looking for. I'd love to find a place to get this jersey!!!

Thanks in advance!

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What about contacting Nike directly? They made the jerseys, and since they are heat sealed they might have applied them, I don't know just a guess. The question I have is when you get one of these Swift Jerseys done, do you prefer to have the heat sealed numbers as was worn on the ice or sewn? I'm debating getting a swift and torn on this part, as I like the way the twill looks better but I have a thing for authenticity too.

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