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Can anyone suggest good sites for researching photomatches other than the obvious getty images.

Trying to find a match for a jersey worn in warmups, so the amount of photos out there will probably be limited, but worth a shot.

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I try going through a few different sites after Getty. First, I take a look at Flickr. Throw a bunch of different queries (first the player, if nothing, then the team name and refine it by date) and hope for the best. If that doesn't work then I move to Twitter. Same deal, just searching for tweets by the team or "team name" and refining the search by date. I also had luck with Instagram recently, just searched the player's name in a hashtag and ended up finding an amateur's photo that just so happened to have a photomatch for my jersey. Of course the image quality for these (Twitter and Instagram especially) aren't great so you're more likely to only get a photo reference than an actual match though. Ah and the last caveat is that I did use this process for modern jerseys so it was easier to find stuff but it was for events that don't typically get much coverage like rookie tournament and preseason games. Hopefully this helps!

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