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  1. I try going through a few different sites after Getty. First, I take a look at Flickr. Throw a bunch of different queries (first the player, if nothing, then the team name and refine it by date) and hope for the best. If that doesn't work then I move to Twitter. Same deal, just searching for tweets by the team or "team name" and refining the search by date. I also had luck with Instagram recently, just searched the player's name in a hashtag and ended up finding an amateur's photo that just so happened to have a photomatch for my jersey. Of course the image quality for these (Twitter and Insta
  2. Gave this a complete overhaul, lots of new stuff added!
  3. Sorry buddy. I was actually considering bidding on the Carl Dahlstrom GI instead but I was worried it was a 58, which would be too big for small ol' me. I'll be sure to take good care of this beauty.
  4. A few of my latest pickups. The Jets costed me a solid chunk of change but I really wanted one of these Heritage navy alts so I'm happy to have it. I'm also a big fan of how nice the set tags are.
  5. Oh oh let me continue the Blue Jackets 3rd trend. A size 54 stripped game issued I acquired in a trade.
  6. The Oilers discussion was all for naught as I'm gonna move that to fund this pick up right here: A 2011 World Juniors gamer of John Klingberg. There's some decent wear on this thing despite the minimal games that were played in it, and I'm beyond thrilled to add this to my collection. I also had a couple other jerseys come in recently. Love these cannon alts. Just a basic ol' preseason gamer but in a very nice (and wearable) size 52.
  7. I really appreciate all the information and input guys. I understand the hesitation of not wanting to strip it, but if the customization is incorrect and the jersey was not used in a game or even issued in this state, I don't really value the "history" that's present in it. Personally, I'd be looking to make this a Kurri with as proper of on-ice specifications as I could get if I were to strip it. I feel like getting it done correctly to the era would do a rare jersey like this justice. Of course, that's just what I think. I've never really waded into vintage jerseys as they're definitely
  8. A few pickups over the past couple weeks for me. I've been told the Oilers is incorrectly customized for it's era, not to mention it's a foul since Pat Hughes left the Oilers organization by the time it was worn too. Nonetheless, it's a real unique piece and a potential project for me down the road if I so choose.
  9. I don't know folks, I'm a bigger fan of Gritzky than that scrub Gretzky or whatever.
  10. The amount of time and heart that had to have been put into those, absolutely incredible stuff!!
  11. Couple GIs/Gamers added to the collection recently. The Heponiemi is GI for both 17/18 and 18/19, there's evidence of the NHL100 patch being removed. The Downing is also GI, I'm going to be removing the nameplate and replacing it with Makar. And the Alex Beaucage has so much wear for a one tournament jersey. I love that I was able to photomatch it. Very happy to add these to the collection.
  12. TheDithyK

    eBay version 4.0

    The German address did, I got my own mailing address on mailboxde.com then added it to my eBay account and bought an item that only shipped in that country. The Japan service was White Rabbit Express, but I'm pretty sure they specialize in only Japanese purchases and that wasn't through eBay.
  13. TheDithyK

    eBay version 4.0

    This might be irrelevant, but I've used both a purchase and shipping service from Japan to Canada, and I've used a German mailing address for another purchase. I didn't have any problems with either services. Both came relatively quick and shipping was reasonably priced. Didn't pay any import fees either.
  14. Cold as ice, I love it haha.
  15. I always have something available. Prices are in USD, shipping is $15 to Canada and $20 to the USA. International on request, at cost. PayPal F&F or add 4% to the price, choice is yours. Shipped in a bubble envelope. One lone Indo-edge Buffalo Sabres Alternate Size 50 #55 Rasmus Ristolainen (customized by Keener) - $130 Authentics & Game Issued (GI) Atlanta Thrashers Reebok 6100 Away Size 54 - SOLD Los Angeles Kings Adidas MiC (Team Issued) Away Size 52 #11 Anze Kopitar (customized by Bobcat, tags have since been removed) - SOLD Los Angeles Kings Edge 2.0
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