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Since a few people here have expressed that they would not bid against another from this board, figured this would be a good time to make sure everyone's ebay user name is known so they actually know if they are attempting to bid against someone else.

If you feel like posting here feel free to do so.

I am gonna update this first post so people don't have to keep looking through the whole thread.

Icejerseys Username - Ebay User ID

Brilliant! - gabp_fan_2003

desertrat - desrat

devilsfan26 - hockeeeeman9

hockeycam1344 - tally40

JustAnothaVictim - justanothavictim

lafountain - lafountain

TBLightningFan - hockeyfaninFL

ZoomZoom18 - jennymee79

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Good idea. I can't believe I didn't think of this. It makes things a whole lot less complicated.

Mine is gabp_fan_2003. I apologize in advance if I've wronged any of you in the act of bidding!

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I'll gladly add mine here, I just actually created an ebay account. After all these years of being a holdout, hockey jerseys are what finally made me break down!

I'm "hockeyfaninFL"

I think this is a noble thing we're doing here!

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As I look over the submitted ones listed here, I am almost positive that I got into bidding wars with a at least a couple of you at some point. :blush:

Though I know he hasn't been here in a while, I know I got sniped by Mach once. May have been gotten by a couple others here too, don't think I have managed to outbid any of you though.

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