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Bertuzzi-Moore incident


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I saw this today at a bar on ESPN but the sound was off(I was working!). The headline basically said what the article states. Frankly, I wouldn't be too surprised about that.

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I read this article yesterday and started thinking that it is something that could be very possible. Of course I still find it bad that this whole thing was retribution over a hard hit on Naslund, that unfortunately injured Naslund. If the hit was on just about anyone else on the Canucks this incident probably never happens.

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I read this article yesterday and started thinking that it is something that could be very possible. Of course I still find it bad that this whole thing was retribution over a hard hit on Naslund, that unfortunately injured Naslund. If the hit was on just about anyone else on the Canucks this incident probably never happens.

Someone should've just challenged him to a fight. Ending someone's career crosses the line. I don't believe that Bertuzzi is a bad guy, but everytime I watch that video, I cringe. He appears to me like he's on a headhunting mission in the moments leading up to the hit.

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OK, this topic has been re-hashed over a thousand times but ill state my position once again.

What Bert did was wrong BUT as we are all aware as avid NHL fans ,if you injure a star player there will be retribution.

THE CODE has existed for as long as the NHL.

I dont believe that any coach would overtly tell a player to injure another but if he marked him i wouldnt be surprised....

Had Moore just dropped the gloves with Bert early in the game he would have just ended up with a bruised ego and perhaps a few less teeth and a black eye....

I dont think that it was just Berts punch that caused Moores injury.I believe we all forget that the ensuing pile up may have added enough weight to contribute....

Remember Mccarthy on Lemieux after the incident with Draper? Next game gloves were dropped at the beginning of the game and then they all moved on.....

If anyone touched Gretzky , Semenko would have taken the opposing player out....

If you touch Sid the Kd..here comes Big George...

Colton Orr will hunt you down if you touch Shanny, Jagr, Gomez or Drury....

Its the Code....we may not agree with it but its part of the game.....

At least Bert can play hockey and isnt as one dimensional as the other "goons"

I feel bad for Steve Moore but i feel worse for Todd as hes had his name trashed by every media outlet in the world.

Moore should have kept this out of the courts. He was a fringe fourth line player who was unlikely to stick with the big club....

His insurance will certainly cover him for years to come...

I know it may appear harsh and many will disagree but this is just an opinion.


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This is actually being debated on another one of my message boards(!!!!!) and I do agree. Legality in this case does nothing but diminish the game's name; not to mention Bertuzzi's. Stuff like this needs to stay on the ice.

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Villavelocity, I have to agree with everything you posted. You brought up some points I hadn't even thought about with that incident and I thank you for provoking some thought with me. I had some time to think about the overall picture of the sport while I was at the Sharks-Coyotes game last night and honestly came away from the game disillusioned with the path the NHL has taken. Growing up, I remember the heated rivalries the Wings-Avs, Blackhawks-Wings, and many others have. The Sharks and Coyotes should have a very heated rivalry and to a degree they do, but its nowhere near like the rivalries once were in my opinion. Last night, the game started sluggish and sloppy and by the time the teams had organized themselves enough for a competitive game, the refs were right in the middle of every contact that happened. Bad calls were made IMO, and took away from what was developing into a nice game.

I gotta wonder who the NHL is trying to market themselves to now, because I don't feel like the diehards and dedicated hockey fans like myself and many others are being kept in mind. It seems like everytime I talk to a "casual fan" of the sport, they can't get into it for some reason or another and it usually revolves around how the game is played today. Now everytime you have players touch or even remotely look like they are going in for a fight (or playing rough for that matter), the cameras either pan away or the referees at the game separate the players. Don Cherry (during the Finals last season I believe but I don't recall offhand) stated something along the lines that if they let the teams fight each other during a game, then ratings would go up and arenas would be full. I agree 110% and wish I could see more of Cherry in the States because a lot of the things he said in the interview I watched, made sense. Look at how popular UFC, MMA, and WWE are here in the states. I didn't know what "Tapout" was for the longest time, but saw the shirts everywhere, but I understand now that its somehow connected to MMA and UFC. Its not for everyone, but...it does sell. You don't have to kill the guy, but you also don't have to let him off with a warning about hitting your teammate.

I have always believed that this sport is like football in a sense that its meant to be aggressive. The all-star game is a snoozefest for me these days. Yes, violent incidents happen and do occur, and unfortunately sometimes (like in the Bertuzzi-Moore case) they overshadow the game overall. Yet, I think we all could agree that its not what the sport is about. Its never been that way with me for a second. The ridiculous part is, its usually the media who don't give a rats *** about the sport who want to jump all over the incidents that happen and not the game itself. "This game is so violent blah blah blah," or "the NHL gets another blackeye. blah blah blah" This is among one of the many reasons I can't stand ESPN these days. ESPN wants to jump all over the Home Run Race with Barry Bonds, but also look for any reason to break negative news about him and debate for hours on end whether or not he "cheated" and used steriods. My point being, they want to glorify and put these guys (and sometimes girls) up on a pedestal when they do something amazing and when they find out maybe said athlete took some supplement or had a "competitive advantage", then to me its like they try to bury that person after building them up. I think one of the things that gets overlooked in sports, is how athletes can get too caught up in the moment. You get too carried away with something and end up injuring someone that you normally wouldn't do. Its called heat of the moment. But I also don't know how many times I've heard stories of enforcers challenge each other to a fight in a big game, and then go out for a beer afterwards. Its terrible what happened with that ordeal and I do feel bad for Bertuzzi. Like I said earlier, I do think he's a good guy, I've heard stories of him doing great things in the cities he's played in.

Sometime in the near future, my wife and I will probably be moving out of the Phoenix Metro area and possibly into Tulsa, who has a CHL team. I told her last night I need to get her butt to a ECHL or CHL game because I don't believe the NHL represents the sport very well anymore and how its supposed to be played. Things should be settled on the ice and I'm sure there will be guys who will fight but will also go out for beer later. I watched the Indianapolis Ice and Tulsa Oilers once get into a fight filled playoff game, but still shake hands afterwards. NO ONE GOT INJURED EITHER! Making stricter rules for fighting, making the nets bigger, yadda yadda yadda, IMO, won't help the sport... The sport evolves, like every sport does. It'll continue to evolve. Just don't take away what made the sport unique!

Just my $.02

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Thats a great article.....

Ive never liked Crawford as a coach....any coach who benches the GREAT ONE during a shootout in the Olympics definitely has issues in my mind.

This is also the same coach that signed Cloutier to a ludicrous 3 yr one way contract.

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