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Devils kit measurements

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Looking to get some kits made but I want to make sure I get them as accurate as possible. I know the measurements that Philly Express uses on the Adidas but looking for the exact specs used on CCMs in the 90s. Also Reebok 1.0s and 2.0s if there are any differences. If anyone knows off hand or has a gamer that they can measure that would be great. It'd be cool to have a database of official customizing specs for each team, style and era if anyone knows of one or if we could start one for people to contribute to. Thanks! 

By my measurements Philly Express is as follows:

  • Back numbers
    • Top twill Height = 11 1/4" Width = 7 1/8" Thickness = 1 7/8" 
    • Bottom twill is 1/2" bigger (provides a 1/4" layer underneath)
  • Nameplate letters
    • Top twill H = 3 1/8" W  = 1 1/2" T = 3/8"
    • Bottom twill is 1/4" bigger (provides a 1/8" layer underneath)
    • Nameplate material H = 3 7/8"
  • Arm numbers
    • Top twill H = 3 7/8" W = 2 3/4" T = 5/8"
    • Bottom twill is 1/4" bigger (provides a 1/8" layer underneath)
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Off of my Volchenkov 13-14 Devils: the rear number black twill is 11 3/4" high and the red twill is 11 1/4". The name black twill is 3 1/2" and the red twill is 3 1/4". The sleeve number black twill is 4 1/4" and the red twill is 4".

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