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So my wife and I pretty much decided we wanted to take a vacation outside of the state of Idaho that didn't involve visiting family. We kind of decided to take a trip to Minnesota in February. We looked at the schedule and saw that the Wild were hosting the Stars and the Islanders in the timeframe that we are looking at. I am sure getting tickets to the Wild home games are extremely difficult, but I guess I will have to see what is available from some second hand retailers (Unless someone has some knowledgeable hookups). Looking forward to the possibility of seeing my first live NHL game since I lived in Georgia way back in 2001, if indeed this vacation plan happens.

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I have tickets to the Islanders game, so give me a shout if you will be going to that game.

There are always tickets on the street prior to the games. Even the much talked about Penguins game had tickets available.

The one thing I hear the most complaints about is buying season ticket holders unused tickets through the ticketmaster set up the team has. The prices are pretty bad.

Stubhub.com has tickets for both games, but they start at $60. TicketKing starts at $89. Ticketmaster looks sold out for pairs. I think your best bet is on the street and the Islanders game will likely be cheaper.

The few times I've got tickets on the street, I've avoided the scalpers and bought from individuals at less than face value.

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Thanks for the info Jeff. If we go to the Islanders game, I will definitely let you know. Of course since I don't own a Wild jersey and I wouldn't be going to cheer for either the Islanders or the Stars (Though my wife would cheer for Dallas) I am now going to have to go and get me a Wild jersey to add to the collection (Oh the shame of having to buy a jersey).

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