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Photo Sources - Late 1990s


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Are there any good photo sources for IIHF tournaments in the late 1990s? Specifically looking to find white Nike Kazakhstan jerseys, and it seems like the ONLY tournament with a half-decent amount of photos are the 99 World Juniors in Winnipeg. 

Though if anyone can answer if Kazakhstan ever used the IIHF 90th anniversary patch in any tournament, and without any sponsor patch, please answer!

Yup, looking for jersey unicorns on a Friday night!

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You guess correct! Always wanted a Kazakhstan jersey and I hate Tackla so I was not passing this one up. I will be stripping it... 1. I cannot find any record of Antropov wearing 16 with Kazakhstan. 2. Anyone with a Kazakhstan jersey likely gets Antropov and I'm just obsessed with having things nobody (or next to nobody) else has. 

Good to know all 1998 IIHF jerseys had the patch. I actually have a couple myself that I've been waiting to find something to put them on. Game photos from 1998 searches all come up with the Olympics, where the patch was not worn. It's been just as challenging to find game worn jersey photos, which would also serve my purpose!

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