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1981 Vancouver Canucks sandow sk jersey


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Hi I recently picked up this jersey and trying to figure out if it’s possibly game worn. It’s from the 1981 season made by sandow sk. Doesn’t have a name but has numbers the elbows are double stitched and has a fight strap. As far as I know fight straps were only sewn onto the jerseys after the team received them and weren’t available on retail jerseys. This jersey is before my time so I don’t have too much knowledge in early 80s jerseys. Also it’s been ripped in the centre of the neck and stitched back up. If anyone could give me some info and possible value of the jersey that would be great. I’m new to this forum I’ve tried to upload photos and it won’t let me

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Out of curiosity, what makes you think it's specifically from 1981? Is there a set tag that says so?

--Is it all mesh with knit stripes?
--Are the arm numbers on the wrists?
--Whose number is on it?
--What color and how layers are the numbers?

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