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back in the habit :)


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So ive been out of the collecting game for about 10yrs.... just kinda getting back at it again and finding the prices on the on ice "authentics" and game worns to be amazingly low compared to what i sold my collection of for 10+ years ago.  just looking for general guidance as to what sites/forums still exist these days for swapping the old 90s style ccm/starter/nike/pro player authentics and gamers.  thanks!

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I have already had a few awesome experiences re connecting with collectors i dealt with regularly all those years ago.  half the fun is talking shop with others who are passionate about jerseys as i once was/am :)   i am still shaking off the rust but after about 20min on ebay i am quickly reminded that i AM still an educated authority on 90s era jerseys.  Sooooo many jerseys done wrong on so many levels. 

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