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Thrashers Thread


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Man do they look bad this year. I was there when they were an expansion team and they didn't look this bad. 6 games played, 9 goals scored and 5 of them were in one game against the Devils. Their defense is just horrible too as they have given up 27 goals this year in those 6 games. They can't gather up the rebounds that Hedberg and Lehtonen are giving up and they just can't clear the defensive zone.

I know that this team will score more goals as they have enough offensive talent to put the puck in the net quite a bit but this is just bad.

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From what I read on ESPN, some of the players WERE actually pretty surprised about the announcement.

Personally, I think Hartley was more of a scapegoat for the team's problems rather than the cause of them. But as the saying goes...it's much easier to replace 1 coach than an entire line, or a whole team.

From what I hear, the Thrashers would be having attendance (and therefore I'd assume profit) issues if they weren't hosting the All-Star game. Apparently a lot of people bought regular season tickets just to get tickets to that. Next year I hear their numbers could be closer to 13,000 a game on average.

Not what I like to hear about a fellow SE division rival. Good luck to Hartley, and hopefully the Thrashers rebound soon. No one likes to see a team suffer....unless they're playing my Bolts, then all bets are off.

Who's your run down of likely replacements lafountain? No one wants Don to be the interim coach forever, I'm not a huge fan of him.

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