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Belarus Cyrillic - No IIHF Patch?


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Found the Belarus cyrillic red jersey I've always wanted on eBay recently. It's an authentic, size 52 so I jumped at it knowing that it lacks any IIHF tagging and patch. I don't care about an IIHF tag inside the neck like a lot of jerseys from this era have, but I'm curious about the lack of a patch on the bottom right hem.

Does anyone know of any tournaments this jersey was worn without an IIHF tag? It's appearing to me that the older IIHF patch (globe with italicized letters) is impossible to find. The newer IIHF patch (thick, bold letters) was on this jersey in 2005, so that's an option... but I want to turn this into a Ruslan Salei jersey, and he did not play at the 2005 IIHF World Championships. He did however, play in 2006 Olympic qualifying that took place in February 2005, when Belarus was obviously still using these jerseys... but I have been unable to find a photo showing the back of a Belarus player at this event. I don't know if they had an IIHF patch at that event, or if they did, which patch it was.

Any help with pics or information is appreciated.

Pics of the jersey currently en-route to me...


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I have a early 2000's range one:


Though, the name was different on the 1998 version. I think it was the standard Bauer font instead of the one I have on mine.

I believe the non-patched jerseys were worn during the 1998 Olympics and some tournaments in that time frame.

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There were no patches at Nagano 1998, but the team wore the English "BELARUS" logo then. As far as anything I can find tells me, the Cyrillic logo came out in 2002. 

I'm guessing at this point that perhaps the 2005 Olympic qualifier had no patches because Belarus didn't even have sponsor patches at that event while other teams did. Maybe the 2004 World Championship in Division 1A Salei played in too. I'm also being nit-picky at this point lol. Regardless of whether I can get the old patch or not, this jersey will be 24 SALEI.

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I need one too and I've even asked several ebay patch sellers/makers about making up a batch and have gotten no interest even though watching the various boards demand is fairly high.  I used to travel to S. Korea for work several times a year and would have patches made up exact and for next to nothing. I wish I was still going over, I'd have a couple dozen made up while I hit the Olympics and grab them on my way out.

I have a Cryillic gamer inbound due next week, I'll try to post.

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