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Authentic vs Replica differences pre-Reebook

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That’s a pretty good guide for replicas, although the author doesn’t get very specific with regards to dates for each “generation.”  The only statement I’d disagree with is when the author says CCM Vintage Hockey authentics were never made, and if you see one with a number size, it’s fake.  This is not true, as CCM did make Vintage authentics from that period.

For CCM authentics, I don’t really think of them as being divided into distinct generations- the jerseys themselves don’t change much at all over the years except for the brand hem logos (especially back in the 80’s and early 90’s), and on retail jerseys, the collar tags.  I do think it’s important to be able to recognize authentics by the hem tags, but that’s already been covered here in Brilliant!’s NHL tails and tags guide:


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Well, in short, no.  They are constructed differently, with the authentics having heavier weight, double padded elbows and shoulders, fight straps, stitched down logos (as opposed to glued down), better quality crests, etc.  Many times a CCM authentic will be made of a completely different knit than a replica from the same time period, like ultrafil vs. airknit.

If you can familiarize yourself with the authentic hem logos, then whenever you see one, you will automatically know it’s not a replica, because replicas did not have those same logos.  And if you can just get your hands on an authentic and a replica and compare them side by side, you can easily see the differences I mentioned above, and very soon it should become very easy for you to tell them apart just by looking at pictures.



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