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Permanent Crease?


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6 hours ago, chow_hound said:

Soak it in water and hang dry it. Then use a cotton sheet and iron the front and back of the crest with the sheet between the iron and jersey. NEVER use the dryer. 

Try pressing it using this method but BEFORE it dries. The moisture in the crest will generate extra steam that may help you. 

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Thanks guys. I did lay 4 high school yearbooks on it after the air dry. That pretty much got rid of it. I have two other jerseys with lots of wrinkles. For those ones... Washing even with no stains is fine? And then air dry. Towel, iron on steam to finish?

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Okay. Not intending any offence but just a question. Are these legit jerseys? Reason I ask is that creases aren’t usually that hard to remove unless incorrectly folded and stored which is VERY common on counterfeits and the material they use which is more plastic than vinyl is prone to deep creasing which likely is harder to remove. Just want to make sure you didn’t get burned on jerseys and are trying to salvage garbage but removing perma creases!

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