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European sizing question


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I'm trying to buy a jersey directly from a Finnish league team and, of course, the language is proving to be a barrier. I'm pretty confident that I have managed to select the correct option where I can get the jersey with my choice of name and number, but would like to know if any of you could give me some insight into the sizing.

The jersey is listed as being "120 cm", which translates to 47 1/4 inches, or a tad smaller than a 48, which should work just fine. Am I correct in assuming this is the width of the front plus the width of the back like we measure them here?

The next size up I see on a different jersey than what I want is "140 cm" which translates to 55 inches, and if that's the diameter of the jersey, it's quite nearly a 56, which would be a XXL and quite a large jump in sizes.

Since it's only offered in the black version in the 120 cm size, I'm a bit concerned since it's a style from two years ago, and my experience here would suggest that when ordering an older style jersey that comes in one size, you can usually expect it to be only available in a small or medium. It's pretty rare your only choice is "large", so I'm a bit paranoid about spending $80 on a jersey and then postage from Finland for a size small by accident.

Only one sizing chart I've found online suggests I may be right on this, since the chart for men's shirts only goes up to 117, which they list as a size 46.

Then, once I figure out the sizing, how in the heck am I going to pay for this thing? Have you ever tried to checkout on a web page that asks you for your Postitoimipaikka, Puhelin and worst of all, your Sähköpostiosoite?

:blink: :blink: :blink:

No matter what, I want one of these! Go Weasels!


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I have no idea how the sizing works and I have 2 jerseys from Europe!!! All I will say is that an XXL is pretty much an XXL here and the same goes for an XL. As for centimeters and the sizing of the jersey, I got nothing for ya.

That is a pretty sweet jersey though! Go weasels!

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In case you're still wondering ...

120cm, 140cm etc. is more than likely the chest size (pretty sure of it actually). Maybe it's different for hockey jerseys but I find american sizes are 1 size larger (nowadays?) (US M = european L). Just like asian sizes are about 1 size smaller than european sizes.

Postitoimipaikka = City

Puhelin = Phone number

Sähköpostiosoite = Email address

Maksutapa = Method of payment

Are you sure they ship internationally through this method (there's no country box)? Probably easier to just email 'em.


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Usually 120cm refers to the height of the person it fits. For example, my 5 year old kid wears 110cm shirts. Usually adult jerseys are labeled according to chest size, but that goes from size 40 (X-small) to 60 (xxx-large). Typical size XL would be 52.

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