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USHL Des Moines Buccaneers


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Anyone have info on the Bucs? My neighbor's son was just drafted by them and made the roster. Wondering if it's possible to get my hands on stuff from the team in the future. 

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Guest Dr_Puck

As a general rule, the USHL teams are quite inconsistent with sales of their jerseys. A lot of jerseys get recycled by teams, which means they may not even move a certain player's and instead, might simply re-use it next year. The good news is that the Bucs just had a big team sale last year and they had a few different players available (though they sold quickly). Their gamers hit the market more than others.

You might get lucky with a specialty jersey sale, which happens several times per year for each USHL team. I'd advise you to start looking now for a person who lives in Des Moines who can help you at the end of the season by either bidding for you at a live auction or going to the team sale. 

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