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Questions about 92-93 Islanders jersey.

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Getting a 92-93 Islanders Jersey customized. Jersey is a CCM Center Ice authentic. My question is what is the correct style to customize with? I have the 100th anniversary Stanley Cup Patch that I will sending to whomever I choose to do the work. Not sure what style and cut of lettering to ask for. Appreciate the help as you guys on this forum are the absolute best. 

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The most important thing here is whom you choose to do the work.  You don't have to know the name of the font style or anything like that, but you do want to mention the season for which you want the jersey lettered, and any good customizer will already know which general font style to use.  The trouble is, on a jersey that old, there are bound to be slight variations in that font between different customizers, and certain letterers may do a better job on that jersey style than others.  Unless you have a lot of experience in this hobby, it's really difficult to know which customizers will do the best, most accurate job on any particular jersey style.  We always recommend that you go with the original team customizer who lettered the actual player jerseys, but in the case of the early 90's Islanders, the original team customizer no longer exists, so you will have to choose between currently existing customizers, of which there are many.  Some of these customizers have sample jersey photos of work they have done, and if you're lucky you might find a photo of the exact jersey style/season combination that you want.  Then you must decide if the lettering looks accurate enough to meet your needs.  To do this, it's best to familiarize yourself with what the font is supposed to look like.  Try to find as many pictures of your team's game worn jerseys from the season you want, preferably of the actual player you want to put on the jersey.  

This is just my opinion, (and there are bound to be different opinions from other members here), but if it were my jersey I would go with Keener Jerseys for that particular style.  (Keenerjerseys.com).   Btw, on Keener's old site there are better pictures of his work.  Check out this link for photos of a blue 92/93 Turgeon:


I'm not saying other customizers couldn't do an equally good job, but without seeing photos of their work of that particular jersey (either from their websites or from customers who have had that same jersey done there) you're taking a chance on the outcome.  If you have little experience in getting jerseys lettered, it's a good idea to ask for advice from experienced collectors (as you are wisely doing), because if you go with just anyone without doing the appropriate research, very often you will end up regretting it later.

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