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Fake Wear on Game Worn Jerseys???

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Hi fellow members,

Since I started collecting I mainly concentrated on enforcer authentics, but now I slightly changed my mind and I'm about to purchase my first fighter game worn. The jersey that have my eyes on has only been worn in one single game, but still has clearly visible blood stains on the front.

Now I checked photos of that particular game in hope to find something to photo-match it. There's one shot of the team celebrating the win after the game ended, but there's definitely no recognizable blood on that players jersey. It only might be that the blood stains became obvious after the sweaty jersey dried off.

That brings me to my question if clubs or game worn distributors might add blood-like substances or other wear to jerseys to increase the memorability and the price? I don't want to blame anyone, but the London Knights Marner incident showed that things are not always what they seem and I don't want to spend a solid amount of money on a jersey that has been customized with wear where there hasn't been one! :)

Really appreciate your opinion and experiences regarding jersey wear? 

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10 hours ago, hausera said:

Common fake is rubbing a puck to create a streak or whacking it with a black taped stick blade.  

Also how we handle newbies who pointlessly revive old posts to pad their post count. 

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