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A little help from all you Ducks fans.


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Hey guys. Was wondering if you Ducks guys could help me out. I have a blank Nike Ducks alternate from the late 90's. I'd like to do a Kariya with it but was wondering if Paul took part in the Game ONe season opener in Japan in 1997. I'd like to add the patch if he played in that game and wore that jersey. 

Here's a Selanne for sale on ebay for reference...I have the exact same blank jersey. 

Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/282229224420

Thanks guys. 

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Hey thanks man. Had no idea Hockey Reference had this info...very good to know! 

Well I guess the patch is a no go. Wow, 4 points in his first game of 1997! 

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