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Do you ever wonder what hits eBay and gets bought on buy it now that everyone misses?  I check eBay 5 or so times a day.  Followed list etc. Ive probably snagged a few deals that i was super proud of.  I always get excited like, I must have been the first person to see that one!  I just wonder what i miss... 


I can think of a few i missed, and it always makes me a bit more anxious to hit buy it now instead of bid.  


Anyway, i got one of those tonight and was happy,  just curious if anyone else had those moments.  

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I've missed a few, I only find out when one of our board members gets it and posts it, and I know I never saw it.

I never check completed listings to see if I missed anything, no reason to torture myself about what could have been. 

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