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What's the best way to store a jersey collection?


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I already checked the "How To" forum to see if there was a similar thread already up there but didn't find one so I thought I'd get the most responses here in regards to this question.  I'm sure it's been asked before in the past so forgive me if I missed it but I'm wondering what the best possible way of storing a jersey collection is.

Now, I'm sure there may be a few different ways of storing jerseys that all work.  I've heard a few already, from folding them in those sealed plastic zip-lock bags to hanging them in a closet.  But what is the best, or most common way, that jersey collectors store their jerseys?  Obviously an important part of storage would be to protect the jersey from anything harmful to it, like dust, UV light, wrinkles, folds, etc.  What do you suggest?  My first concern would be to keep my jerseys clean and to prevent them from being damaged.  I care more about those things than display.  As long as they're easy to access and protected, that's what I'm looking to do here.

I actually like the idea of one of those portable closets just for my jerseys.  I think that'd be pretty nice and I could have them organized however I'd like them.  I don't have a lot of room for all my jerseys in my regular closet so I'm looking for another method here.

Lastly, if storing them hanging up is an option, what's the best kind of hanger to use to hang a jersey?  Does it matter what type of hanger you use or not make a difference?  I would assume some kinds of hangers could possibly damage a jersey based on what they're made of and how they're designed, right?

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