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Ricci calls it quits


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He didn't seem to be the same Mike Ricci the last couple of seasons out here in Phoenix. I'm not entirely surprised by this. He had a great career and was definitely a guy you'd want on your team. I never thought I'd live to see the day the Sharks got rid of him and I was mad when I found out the Avs traded him. When I saw him at the Coyotes Game Night this past February, he seemed to be hurting and sore. I'm gonna miss watching him play.

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Ricci's body was banged and bruised beyond belief, but that's the way he played. If he was on your team, you loved him. If he wasn't, you just respected him and possibly booed him.

Seperated at birth - Mike Ricci and Geddy Lee?

Also, Ricci signed with the Sharks this week, not as a player. Read and watch at:


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