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CCM Heritage Series Jerseys


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Hello folks!

First post here!

I'm looking for some more information on this jersey series.

From this thread it looks like there are actually two different series of these heritage jerseys, an older 3100 and newer 8100. From what I gather the older 3100 series are a mix of wool and acrylic and have 'Circa XXXX' embroidered under the square shaped jock tag.

The newer 8100 series are 100% acrylic and don't have the embroidered text under the jock tag (which is taller than the tags on the 3100), the OP of the linked thread also mentions that the 8100 series are cut a little shorter than the 3100.

I've seen pictures of these jersey's with a regular CCM tag and some with a CCM Vintage tag. Please correct me if anything is wrong, I may well have these the wrong way round.

Does anyone know what years these two series were manufactured?

Specifically I'm searching for the Bruins jerseys of this series and I believe there are two different styles.

A 1926 sweater and a 1934 - 36 sweater

Many thanks!

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I'm the original poster of the original thread.

There were actually three different "versions" of this style. The first style was produced around 1993 or so and featured the "Circa" embroidered under the Heritage tag on the lower left front. The second style was produced in the early 2000's and had just the shorter rectangular Heritage tag on the lower left front. The next version was produced maybe a couple of years later in the mid-2000's and featured a more vertically oriented Heritage tag.

Hopefully this helps.

Happy collecting!

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