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Nordiques jersey help


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I have a blue nords jersey that is odd.

It is a CCM Big Block era. Size 52 Ultrafil. Retail not game worn.

Vinyl Fleur-de-lis, which was done till 1991/92 season, yet has the over sized Nordiques chest logo which was done the following 1992/93 season forward. Also the Fleur-de-lis were sewn on the same 1992/93 season as well.

So it's a 1991/92 jersey with an over sized crest, not the smaller crest I am seeing on google searched gamers.

Anyone seen this before?

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I haven't seen it, but possible prototype/in between jersey.

I have seen it with other teams, though, when they switched their material, crest, design, whatever, and combine the two, old and new. I always just assume they recycled old leftover stock. Eg - CCM (or the team or customizer) had uncrested Nords jerseys left over, but didn't have any older crests, so they slapped a new one on.

Off topic - Ovy's 499th goal will likely be a better highlight than his 500th....tbd, but hard to beat!

Also, HA! Rangers fans :P

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