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Hey fellas, being a big Mario Lemieux fan, I decided to try something different.

Over the past year, I was buying blank Wilkes Barre/Scranton Penguins jerseys with the intent of having them customized as Lemieux. Being part owner of he team, I thought it would be a cool project. I will probably continue doing these jerseys as finding more Lemieux NHL authentics to add to the collection is getting harder.

Anyways, here they are!




2006/2007 Special Event:

I love how the name is stitched to the arm rather than the back...very unique!






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Thanks man, I appreciate it. If you are thinking about getting a WBS jersey, I'd give one a try. The skating penguin crests are gorgeous in person. I sent them to EPS (first time using them), they are the team customizer now, so you will get nothing but perfection...they did an amazing job!

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Well it's not a jersey but it's why I got into collecting Benn. I was in PEI for training camp in 2010 and 2011, I guess they were courting Richards at the time and wanted to get a deal done in his homeland...

Anyway, after the intersquad game, I stood and got a few autographs and told Benn to sign right on the Star and told him he's the next star of the team. This was at a time he was playing on the 3rd line with Ott and maybe Sutherby or someone like that at the 2010 camp coming off a 22 goal season. He looked dominant anyway, and I was more kidding than anything but check it out.... go Stars!

The nicest man in hockey Willie Desjardins also signed it, so did Playoff thoroughbred Daley, Nieuwendyk, Lehtonen, Raycroft, Woywitka and maybe Segal.





It's the only time I went to training camp and I'd highly recommend it to those who have never been. Was tempted but I let the kids take the 30 James Neal sticks that he put over the glass right in front of me...and was nice to catch a shirt and puck from Morrow and Larsen, not to mention meet this smiley guy whose wife is from the Island.

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