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Newbie Jersey Collector


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Hi, I just ordered two jerseys from Icejerseys.com and finally said to myself, you know I could probably consider myself a sort of collector when I think about how many I have now.

My only problem is that I don't really know what kind of jerseys I have. I mean I don't have any authentic jerseys, but I have a few replicas, but I'm guessing all replicas are not equal right?

For example I haev 3 or 4 NHL jerseys from a few years ago that feel like they are made out of nylon material. Then I have a few newer ones that are a heavier mesh material with stitched names and numbers. Is there any FAQ's or general info about the types of replica jerseys people are collecting?

I can post pics of the jerseys later if that will help.


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Jersey materials have changed over the years, so it is possible that the replicas you have are actual replicas from the year they were manufactured. Which company made the replicas that you are questioning?

Welcome to the boards too.

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Welcome brother...you came to the right place! It doesn't matter what kind of jerseys you have, if you have 'em, you're part of the club! Posting some pictures of yours can help us to identify what it is you have.

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Thanks for the welcome.

Here is the basic info on the jerses I have so far. I'll try and get a few pics up soon:

Buffalo Sabres - L - blue/gold - LaFontaine - CCM - nylon material

Buffalo Sabres - XL - white AGH - blank - CCM - nylon material

Hartford Whalers - XXL - blue - blank - CCM - nylon material

Philadelphia Flyers - XL - white - blank - CCM - nylon material

Philadelphia Flyers - L - orange - Hextall - CCM - nylon material

Carolina Hurricanes - L - red - Francis - KOHO - mesh

Buffalo Sabres - XL - black AGH - LaFontaine - CCM - mesh

Ottawa Senators - XXL - red - Prusek - KOHO - mesh

St. Louis Blues - XXL - white current - blank - ProPlayer - mesh

Columbus Blue Jackets - XXL - white - blank - CCM - mesh

Atlanta Thrashers - XXL - white - blank - CCM - mesh

New York Rangers - XXL - blue liberty - blank - CCM - mesh

Buffalo Sabres - XXL - blue slug - blank - CCM - mesh

St. John's Fog Devils - XXL - white - blank - RBK - mesh (QMJHL)

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Well that LaFontaine is slightly older, though I really like it. You can tell it is an older CCM style by the fact that the CCM is on the hemline as opposed to the neckline. The Francis is quite nice too.

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