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How to clean pennants?

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I know it's not jersey related but I figured this is a good place to post. The restaurant I work with has some pennants on the walls going back to the 80s and 90s. I was curious if anyone knows a way to clean them. We had a dry cleaner try one and had no luck. I've looked on the internet but I haven't found a way that multiple people agreed upon so I figured I'd ask here.

There is a lot of older hockey ones I'd love to salvage because I was told I could take a few home that I wanted but they are dis colored from years on the wall.



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Regardless of smoke, grease, whatever else they've absorbed over the years of being on a restaurant wall, the materials themselves have faded and likely can't be restored to a white white, or vibrant color, no matter how much you try and clean 'em.

Certainly not to discourage you from trying, but not sure anyone would have any pennant specific advice that could help...?

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