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Custom charges, Europe to the US and Canada ?


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Where abouts in Europe are you? Whenever I've sold a jersey from the UK I've been able to insure it up to a certain value without having to name the actual amount it went for, therefore hopefully avoiding any large charges.

Selling from Europe is unfortunately a catch 22 situation, as the vast majority of collectors are from N.America. If you mark the jersey as low value to avoid taxes and it gets lost the seller isn't covered, but if you mark it as the true value and cover yourself, there's every chance it'll get snagged by customs at the other end.

Unfortunately with the jerseys coming into the UK the VAT, customs and handling charges can be huge but it's kind of unavoidable given where most of the jerseys are to be found. I know the Baron marks then low, so I usually avoid them when I buy from him.

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