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Minnesota Wild 2008 ASG patch


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In the above examples from 2003 and 2007, the Wild team patches used on the All-Star Game jerseys appear to have a white border, and look similar to those sold by National Emblem and NHLfanattic.

In 2008 however, the patch seems to have a different, thicker, perhaps metallic gold border. I couldn't find a great photo of the 2008 patch (Gaborik, below), but if it's the same as the 2011 one then there's a better photo of it in the Burns shot below.


Do any of you Wild fans have better shots of the 2008 patch, or better yet, know where to get one of these? Thanks!

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Thanks for the tip! I found a nice closeup of one on eBay.


Now, to find one that isn't attached to a $400 gamer!

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exactly. i know a few months back when looking on ebay there was a guy selling some of the shoulder patches like that. i think they will pop up every now and again. i know the authentic jerseys come up pretty frequently, so you could strip one. OR, call the hockey lodge and see if they have any on clearance or some of the patches.

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