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Well, the series is finally over and ended in a not wholly unexpected way (the radio stations here in NYC were saying all day they thought an ambiguous ending would be the way it ended). So- what do you think about the series and the last episode now that its over?

Personally, you can't touch the first 2-3 years with any types of criticism. There have been good episodes since then but each season that followed made me want to throw my tv through the wall. The penultimate episode last week brought me back to the first three seasons and had me pumping my fist for the finale. The finale, was an eh? About 1/2 through I figured nothing would be wrapped up considering nothing of note was really happening to the characters. The death of Phil and the tension in the diner were a good 20 minutes but the ending.....hmmm I need your thoughts on this to help form my own methinks...

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