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HELP with this North Stars jersey

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Couldn't find any threads related to this but if for whatever reason i missed it, please point it out. I have 2 questions regarding this Minnesota North Stars pro jersey from around 1989 or 1990.

Firstly, the jersey is 100% legitimate, def not a fake. Upon closer look you notice that the CCM badge on the back lower hem is that of the old style which the NHL used in the 80's I believe. However, it has the NHL shield which the league did not implement until the 1990-91 season. So my question is, could this be a possible team issue from sometime in the the offseason between 1989-1990 or during some pre season around that time? That is the only conclusion I can come up with.

Secondly, I want to get this customized with "Modano" but I want it done correctly. Does anybody have any suggestions as to who may be able to supply me the correct kit or who may customize it correctly with the zig-zag sewing?

Any help our input would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps there are some hardcore North Star collectors out there who could help me out with this one. It is a bit of a head scratcher...


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That's a lovely shirt you've got there.

As for the incongruity of the small block CCM + the NHL shield, it's all a part of the manufacturing process (and the fun). Because it's embroidered, that most likely means that Sport Maska put it on during the making of the shirt. Perhaps it was a recycled shirt from 88-89 that the North Stars were going to use in the 89-90 season. But, it's got wash wear on the tag, and it has that hole from a retail tag going there, so you're right that it is a head-scratcher.

As for the lettering, you might not be able to do a Modano job. His rookie white jersey had the big block CCM with no NHL shield.


But, if you want a lettering job from the era, you could try contacting Steichen's Sports in Minnesota (http://roseville.patch.com/listings/steichens-sporting-goods) to see if they still have those font sets. Good luck!

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However, it has the NHL shield which the league did not implement until the 1990-91 season. So my question is, could this be a possible team issue from sometime in the the offseason between 1989-1990 or during some pre season around that time?

First, a little background. The NHL shield actually appeared on jerseys during the 1989-90 season, which was a transition year for the logos. Many teams, including the North Stars, continued to use the 1988-89 small block CCM logo (like the one on your jersey) at the beginning of the 1989-90 season. The new big block CCM logo appeared the same year by itself, then later in the year had the NHL shield added next to it. The North Stars used all 3 of these logo combinations during 1989-90. In fact, some of the 88-89 small block logo jerseys were recycled and used all the way up to the 1990-91 season.

So anything is possible. Your jersey was probably manufactured around 1988-89 (or possibly even during the year before), and CCM may have added the NHL shield to this leftover jersey to update it to the 1989-90 season, but this could have been done for retail purposes, not necessarily to make it a team-issue. Now whether Modano himself actually wore a hybrid logo jersey like this, I have no idea. I would guess the chances would be quite slim, and unless you actually found a photo, you'd never really know for sure whether he did or not. Personally I think the NHL shield being there would bother me, as I wouldn't be sure if it was used that way in 1989-90, 90-91, or not at all. I might even consider removing it altogether, if it could be done without damaging the jersey. Someone in this forum managed to do that, but I don't know how cleanly it came off.

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The jersey does look legit as the others have indicated. I have not seen pics of Modano wearing the hybrid logo jersey. The 1990-1991 jerseys had the large CCM block logo with the NHL shield. The North Stars had recycled some 1988-1989 jerseys for the 1989-1990 season


His NHL debut jersey had the same small block CCM logo, with Team Choice on the hem, but no NHL shield,


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Thanks for the help guys. I called Steichen and they said they are no longer able to help out with customization. I am leaning towards the fact that perhaps it was just a retail jersey hence the NHL shield likely from the 89-90 season during a transition period or perhaps it was a prototype altogether? Either way, I got a great deal on it and I have always wanted a Modano jersey from this era and I cannot find any pictures of any player wearing this hybrid style jersey so any suggestions on what name and number to get it customized with? Also, is the "TEAM CHOICE" stitched on those jerseys from the era or is it screen printed? Would somebody also be able to help out with possibly getting "TEAM CHOICE" put on to the hem as well?

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Go to www.vintageminnesotahockey.com

They can supply you the proper kit, or you can send it in. They do them up to spec. Only place I will purchase my North Stars jerseys from. I have a 1980-81 home Ciccarelli and a 1979-83 away Steve Payne. Beauties.

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