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Quebec Nordiques "Wolf" Jersey (New Design Before Relocation)

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I am sure we have all seen them and we know that these jerseys on ebay are all fakes. My question is, where does this guy make the front crests for these jerseys? Can it be done with other jerseys as well? Can anyone shed some light on this? Not sure if I posted in the right section so mods feel free to move the thread if needed.


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Just sayin', that's a pretty nifty design that could be used for an alternate sweater should Quebec ever come back (and they would obviously be named the Nordiques again); the classic original logo should stay the primary, of course.

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I mean, plenty of embroidery businesses could do this kind of work (and yes can do it for any logo).

All they would need is a high res version of the logo to use to create the actual logo for the jerseys.

Some places would obviously be against creating logos if they were copyrighted material, but I'm sure a lot of places don't look into that too.

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Fellow forum member JeffB posted a couple of blog articles on the protoype Nordiques jersey, which includes a photo of the real prototype jersey. The jerseys with the MDF neck tag seems to be the more accurate of the prototype jerseys. I purchased the MDF jersey from eBay a few years ago. I also purchased the white jersey from eBay. The white jersey was manufactured by 'Hockey Heritage'. In JeffB's article, he includes of photo of Hockey Heritage's reproduction dark jersey which has inaccurate colors. I didn't notice any color inaccuracies with their white jersey when i purchased it a few years back.



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