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BIG SALE - Collection Sell-Off


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I'd been out of the authentic hobby for a long while and have decided to concentrate on game-worn, so the authentics collection must be sold off. I went deep into the vault for these. I never thought I would part with all of these, but never say never.

Add $12 for USPS Priority Flat Rate Shipping in the US. (I will combine shipping)

Canadian shipping will be calculated based on if you want priority or first class.

Please email me direct: ebodamer@gmail.com

Prices are firm.

LINK TO GALLERY http://postimg.org/gallery/2aw9cb5q/


• Team USA 1991 Canada Cup / Sz 52 with fight strap / CCM Ultrafil / Excellent condition. You can tell by the tags it’s been washed, other than that it’s pristine!: $400

• Team USA 2002 Olympic / Sz 56with fight strap / Nike / Mint : $200
• Penguins 05-06 / Sz 58 fight strap / Reebok / Mint / Perfect for Crosby rookee or Lemieux final year: $250
••••• SOLD •••• Maple Leafs 98-99 Team Issue / 56G with fight strap / Nike / Perfect condition- two faint red spots on back, but would be covered by numbers anyway. / With MLG memories and dreams patch: $250
••••• SOLD •••• Rangers (blue) / Sz 60G Long / Starter (Berlin Wi. RIPPON) / Mint : $250
• Rangers (white) / Sz 60R / Starter (El Salvador) / Mint : $200
• Rangers 1994 / Sz 54 fight strap / CCM, Gerry Cosby / Messier #11 / Used but in excellent shape, a couple faint spots on front, should come out fine: $400
• Avalanche / Sz 54R / Starter (El Salvador) / ROY #33 perfect lettering, glacier twill / Mint : $300
• Kings 91-92 / Sz 52 / CCM Ultrafil / 12/92 born on sticker still on inside tag / KURRI #17 / MINT w/ tags as crisp as the day it hit the shelves 21 years ago. Add 75th NHL patch and a Kings 25th for additional authenticity: $400
• Kings 92-95 / Sz 52 / CCM Ultrafil / 6/93 born on sticker still on inside tag / ROBATAILLE #20 / MINT w/ tags as crisp as the day it hit the shelves 19 years ago. Add 1993 Cup patch for additional authenticity: $400
• Sabres 91-93 / Sz 56 / CCM Ultrafil / ANDREYCHUK #25 / MINT: $300
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Yo stud, above you've got everything listed with "Prices are firm."

I haven't looked at all your listings yet, but you've got your '91 USA and '94 Messier jerseys listed for $400 here, but $250 and $350 obo on ebay...after ebay takes their cut, you're looking to lose even more on 'em.

Why not just post 'em here for what you're actually willing to let them go for, hook up some members, AND ensure you're getting as much as possible in your wallet at the same time?

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I hear what your saying... I've listed them here for quite awhile and no has bit or made me an offer.

Usually even stating that prices are firm, one would at least test the waters and throw out an offer.

I figured everyone on the boards has seen them over time and not wanted them, so time to move on

and see what the 'bay can do.

I worked out a deal for the USA jersey with a member - so if anyone wants something make me a reasonable offer.

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