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Rare Fort Wayne Komets/Len Thornson Replica


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I recently got this rare replica of what Fort Wayne Komets' great Len Thornson wore when the Ks won the IHL 1962-63 regular season and playoff championships.

Made by David Frost of South Carolina, I'd say it's pretty close to 100% accurate. The Komets wore this one for just one season. The jersey was then handed down to and worn for a few years by a junior team called the Pepsi Komets.

I've never seen an authentic or replica of this one, which is one of several very unique jerseys worn by the Komets in the 1960s.

The first two pictures are of the 1962-63 jersey. The last picture is of my three Len Thornson replicas, L-R: 1966-67 Kaptain Komet, 1961-62 and 1962-63.

The Kaptain Komet jersey was made by Komet Kuarters, a Fort Wayne outlet affiliated with the team and the last two are by Frost.





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You have an interesting an rare collection! I love this jersey and your dedication to the hobby!

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I especially love the two orange ones. Kaptain Komet rules!

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I have 7 Komets jerseys... But 6 are from the early 90's.

The last 1 I bought was from their 2012-2013 inaugural ECHL debut season.

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Post some pixs Komets1718. Let's see what you have.

HJimm has the best collection of Komets jerseys of anyone I know. He has a very extensive collection of game worns:


I have the three replicas above, plus a fourth currently being made (1963-64). I also have four game worns, including the 2012-13 road uniform of Daniel Maggio. I'll have to get them together for a picture, which I'll post on this thread.

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