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Cool "How I Got This Jersey" Stories


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I apologize if there is already a thread, but Im sure some of us got some amazing deals over the years or have some cool stories behind our jerseys.

Once I started to like and appreciate the Fisherman Isles jersey in the Spring of 2005, I went on a quest to get a relatively cheap one. In September 2005, my uncle, who knew I wanted one, sent me a link to the pro shop of a chain of ice rinks on Long Island/NYC (Sports Plus). They had authentic fishermen for $50 each. Both colors and I think sizes 48 and 52. I was so happy! I bought the blue/away jersey. My parents wouldn't let me buy both (that was when I had an allowance that was contingent on my test grades...which is why Im pretty smart and before I had my own credit cards/paypal), but I digress. When I received the jersey, they sent the white/home and it had a faint yellow stain on it (which came out in the wash). My parents called them (I was 12 at the time) and they apologized and said to exchange it with the UPS guy when they mail the blue one. They forgot to mail the blue one. A week later, my dad called them and again they apologized. Except this time, they said to keep the white jersey and they were going to send the blue for free, since it was their mistake and there was a stain on the white one. They stuck to their word.

So two NWT fishermen authentics for a total of $60. Not bad, right?


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Does everyone put their jerseys on the floor?

I'll do it after I clean my floor (I clean my room about once a week)


Looks like someone started sanding your floor, then gave up. :P

Thanks. Haha. The worst thing to do is give a teenager a wheely chair with a wood floor.

Let's see some pictures! I'll share my first gamer story, which was a good one, once we hear from others. C'mon. Cool stories and jerseys. Let's go!

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You know, the hardest part about refinishing hardwood is the sanding. You're halfway done and you didn't even have to do the impossibly hard work. Nicely done. I'd post something, but I have no interesting stories about my jerseys. Not interesting enough to post. Although, I'd gladly read other's stories.

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Got this jersey off gamewornauctions.net I put the minimum bid on the 2nd day figuring someone would top it I was just doing the one bid. Checked my emailing a week or 2 later saying I won I said oh s*** I gotta pay for that now. I'm the proud owner of this beauty

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This is exactly the kind of stuff you should be sending me for a reader submission for my website.

Seriously, send them to spyboy1@gmail.com

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